Abusive man grabbed wife by throat and banged her head on floor

Ipswich Crown Court. Picture: SIMON PARKER

Ipswich Crown Court - Credit: Archant

A jealous father-of-three held his wife on the floor of their home by the neck before telling police he intended to kill her.

Sentencing Gerson Silva, Recorder Richard Atchley said that when a gift containing a rose arrived at the house for his wife’s birthday it confirmed his suspicions that she was having an affair.

He said there was been a row during which Gerson grabbed his wife by the throat and forced her on to the kitchen floor of their Brandon home.

He banged her head on the floor and held her neck so tightly that she felt she would die, said the judge.

Silva, 37, now living in Nelson Road, Great Yarmouth,, admitted attempted grievous bodily harm in April last year.

In addition to being given a 24-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, Silva was ordered to do 150 hours unpaid work.

He was also given a 30 day rehabilitation activity requirement and banned from contacting his wife and children unless through a solicitor or court until further order.

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Peter Clark, prosecuting, said Silva’s wife decided by the end of 2019 to end their 17-year marriage and by April last year she had started a new relationship, Ipswich Crown Court heard on Monday, July 19.

On April 6 last year a gift arrived for her at the family home and when Silva realised it was from another man he told her to come home from work urgently.

When she got back there was an argument during which Silva held her neck on the ground causing her to fear she might die, said Peter Clark.

He said police were called and Silva told them he had intended to kill his wife although he later retracted that statement.

In an impact statement the victim said she was so afraid of the defendant that she was unable to even tell her mother where she lived.

Jonathan Goodman, for Silva, said his client had no previous convictions.

He said Silva had not realised his wife had decided their marriage was over and when a rose arrived for her in her birthday his “actions overtook his logic".

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