Contactless card payment limit increased to £100

The limit for contactless card payments will rise to £45 to curb coronavirus. Picture: Getty Images/

Shoppers can now spend up to £100 by paying with contactless card payments - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

From this Friday morning, shoppers can now spend up to £100 through the tap of a card.

The limit for contactless card payments is increasing from £45 to £100 for retailers across Britain.

While the changes have come into force this morning, retailers will have to update their terminals to allow for the changes. This will mean the higher sum will not be available everywhere immediately.

The British Retail Consortium have said that it may take "days, weeks, or even months" for some retailers to make the required changes. It is best for customers to check with individual stores to see if the option is available. 

The limit for contactless spending was raised last year in April from £30 to £45. This was done as a response to the pandemic, allowing more people to make payments without handling cash or having to input their pin on a card terminal.

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