Concerns over bridge closure

Concerns have been raised at the possible closure of a road underneath a railway bridge in Thetford.

Speaking at last week’s Thetford Town Council meeting, county councillor Mike Brindle raised the issue relating to the bridge on Station Lane. The reason, he said, was because it was one of the most frequently hit in the country.

Mr Brindle added: “I don’t agree with the proposed solution which Network Rail is recommending and I explained the alternative road was a long winded matter.”

Speaking after the meeting, a Network Rail spokesman said there had been 14 reported incidents of vehicles hitting the bridge between January and December last year, two more than the previous year, and the option of closing the road to cars, and reducing usage to pedestrians and cyclists only, was being examined.

The final decision will be taken by the county council.

She added: “Bridge strikes cause a huge amount of disruption to both road and rail users. The bridge off Canterbury Way in Thetford is one of the most struck bridges in the country; it is clear that something needs to be done to reduce the risk to the safe and efficient operation of the railway.

“We are working with Norfolk County Council to see that clearer signage is installed on the approaches to the bridge, as well as other measures which we hope will help eliminate the risk of vehicle strikes altogether.

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“Obviously, restricting access under the bridge to motor vehicles would be a last resort and one that we are sure the council would only implement if all other options had not had the desired impact. We continue to urge people to drive with care and consideration to avoid incidents occurring.”

The town council agreed to send a letter to Norfolk County Council outlining its concern at any possible closure.