Concerns about Breckland CCTV coverage

Concerns are growing in the Breckland business community after the future of the district's CCTV coverage remains unclear.

The 63-camera system, based in Thetford, covered Watton, Swaffham, Dereham, Thetford and Attleborough and was run by Advanced Monitoring Solutions (AMS), which went into administration. On Tuesday, the parts of the system used by AMS were turned off by the administrator, according to a Breckland spokesman.

The spokesman added the authority was 'working to find the best and quickest solution to get the system up and running' as the footage cannot currently be seen.

Lynda Turner, Breckland cabinet member, said yesterday: 'After extensive checks by engineers we can now confirm that our CCTV cameras continue to transmit images; however, currently we have limited monitoring capability.

'At present, we are working to identify the best option to monitor these images at a control centre. Confirmation that the cameras are working is a positive first step in bringing the system back online and we are working to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum. We continue to work with our partners and will ensure the public is informed at every stage of the process.'

West Norfolk Council has offered its knowledge, expertise and officers to ensure coverage is maintained, according to the Breckland spokesman.

Samantha Taylor, Attleborough mayor and publican, said: 'There are grave concerns and it is not just a criminal issue, but a social issue too. Hopefully it will be resolved.'

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Tony Perkins, butcher and Attleborough town councillor, said: 'From a business point of view, it does leave you a little bit vulnerable.'