‘Sad, stinking, swarming’: disgust about overflowing dog bin in town

The over flowing dog waste bin on St Johns Way in Thetford. Photo: Dan Anderson

The over flowing dog waste bin on St Johns Way in Thetford. Photo: Dan Anderson - Credit: Dan Anderson

“Sad, stinking and swarming” – this is the way an infamous dog bin in a Norfolk town is being described.

A Thetford man has taken to the internet to shame those who disposed of their dog poo bags in and around an already overflowing bin.

Dan Anderson posted a photo of the bin on a public path in St. Johns Way, on the town's community Facebook group, expressing his disgust at its condition.

Mr Anderson said: "It's completely rancid. You can smell it from 30 metres away. It's sad, stinking and swarming in St Johns Way.

Members of the group commented saying it is the fault of the council who have not provided enough bins around the town and aren't clearing out existing ones.

Families have been complaining to Breckland Council, saying that a number of dog bins in Thetford have been left in this condition for weeks and that more needs to be done.

A Breckland Council spokesman said: "Breckland Council have a schedule of street bin collections, which is based on how busy they are and where they are located.

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"Town bins and a number of dog bins are cleared every day, whilst some less frequently used bins are collected every other day or a few are collected once a week.

"We build in a degree of flexibility into the schedule to accommodate to seasonal highs and lows and after the Bank Holiday weekend additional collections are taking place."

Despite complaints being made, residents said that this problem kept happening and it was taking too long to sort.

Jennifer Brown, another member of the community group, commented: "I have reported this and back in May I emailed a chap from Breckland Council who came out and promised that within two weeks there would be a bigger bin to replace this small one, as it is being used as a general rubbish bin well. I'm still waiting."

Mr Anderson added: "It's a shame to see the state the town has become. Litter, fly tipping, vandalism and graffiti are rampant issues. Have you seen the river lately? It looks like a swamp and rubbish dump."