Community bank opens in Thetford

A bank whose profits will be used to help others in the community has opened in Thetfor.

The new Keystone Community Bank is a joint venture between Keystone Development Trust and Norfolk’s Credit Union.

The bank is open to adults who live or work in Norfolk and offers loans, current accounts, ATM cards and many other services to members, many of whom are unable to access those services from high street banks.

Children are also able to join the bank with parental permission, but only to save, and will receive a higher dividend to encourage good saving habits.

Savings will be used to help other members of the local community in financial need.

Keystone’s Robyn Challis said: “We are thrilled that Keystone Community Bank will be the first branch of Norfolk Credit Union to open in Thetford.”

Norfolk Credit Union is a financial cooperative owned and democratically controlled by its members and run solely for members’ benefit. It is part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, meaning that savings are as safe as they would be in a high street bank or building society.

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Trained Keystone staff and Norfolk Credit Union staff will be on hand to answer any questions.

Every Monday and Tuesday, the bank can be accessed at Keystone’s META drop-in at The Limes, 32 Bridge Street, Thetford, between 9am and 5pm.

The bank also operates from the Abbey Neighbourhood Centre during its opening hours, but it is also possible to manage finances over the phone by calling Norfolk Credit Union Head Office directly.

To find out about Keystone Community Bank, contact Robyn Challis on 01842 757352 or Mandie Patterson on 01842 821643, or Norfolk Credit Union direct on 01508 533842.