YouTube stars will help farmers reach millions of online foodies

Andrew Francis of Elveden Estate (right) with SORTEDfood co-founders Mike Huttlestone and Ben Ebbrell

SORTEDfood co-founders Mike Huttlestone and Ben Ebbrell learn about farming with Andrew Francis of the Elveden Estate (right) - Credit: SORTEDfood

An East Anglian farm is set to reach an online audience of millions of young foodies after partnering with a social media movement dedicated to cooking.

Elveden Estate, near Thetford, is taking part in a campaign with SORTEDfood, an online food community with over 2.5m YouTube subscribers around the world.

The group has partnered with BASF Agricultural Solutions to give their followers a behind-the-scenes look at where their food comes from.

The collaboration also aims to demonstrate how science and technology are helping farmers to produce food more sustainably.

At Elveden, the SORTEDfood team covered the complete "farm to fork" process, including discussing the importance of good soil maintenance to ensure it is nutritionally viable for future generations.

The YouTube stars will now use this knowledge to each cook up a dish to share with their community – the video will air on November 7. 

Elveden farms director Andrew Francis said: "We really value the opportunity to talk to new audiences about the hard work that farmers do to both farm efficiently and sustainability.

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"We need to truly understand the DNA of our environment and there is far more science and innovative technology involved to do this than I think people often realise.

"The campaign is a great way to help shift the perception of farming and reach new and younger audiences in a way that they will find engaging, and hopefully help them gain a better understanding of how much work goes into producing the food they buy and eat, so they can make more informed decisions."

Ben Ebbrell, co-founder and chef at SORTEDfood said: "It's important that we help our community to understand how the majority of our affordable food is made today and how that can continue with a growing population, whilst protecting the planet.

"Smart farming, precision application of chemicals, networks of expertise, seed-breeding to prolong shelf-life and reduce waste in every aspect of the food chain.

"Some people might be sceptical towards the agricultural industry, but that’s why it’s even more important to learn more about how our food is actually produced, so we can make more informed decisions on the things we buy."

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