'It's like eBay but in person': New boutique opens in Brandon

The Green Room Boutique officially opened on Brandon high street on Saturday September 4

The Green Room Boutique officially opened on Brandon high street on Saturday September 4. It is owned by a mother and daughter duo, Sharen Green and Kayleigh Kent. - Credit: Sharen Green

A unique boutique which sells your pre-loved clothes for you has opened on a town’s high-street. 

The Green Room Boutique officially opened on Brandon high street on Saturday, September 4. 

It is owned by a mother and daughter duo, Sharen Green and Kayleigh Kent, who are passionate about sustainable fashion. 

The business offers a place for people to resell their high-quality or designer clothes and when the item has sold, they will receive 50pc of the sale price. 

The concept of the shop is similar to that of eBay or Depop online, but owner Ms Green said it allows shoppers to view the items and try them on before buying.  

Ms Green, 57, said: “About 16 years ago I had a shop on Brandon high street it was called Change of Heart.  

“It did the same thing; people could bring clothes in and sell them on a commission basis. I really enjoyed it but sadly I had to close it.  

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“But now my kids are a lot older so when this shop popped up on the high street it seemed like an ideal time to go back to it.” 

The boutique accepts clothes, shoes and jewellery for men, women and children but only if it is in perfect condition and appropriate for that time of year.  

Items can stay at the shop for two months and if they don’t sell, they can either be collected or Ms Green will pass them on to a charity shop.  

Sellers also have the option to give up their half of the proceeds to go towards fundraising efforts to build a new children’s park in Brandon in memory of Liam Hills.

Ms Green added: “I absolutely love the shop; I'm so happy to be back. 

“Things have definitely changed in Brandon since I was last here. There is a lot more on offer and you can see people have invested in their businesses. 

“There also seems to be much more of a community spirit than previously and quite a few of the shop owners have come in to wish us well. It’s looking a lot more vibrant on Brandon high street.”