Business is blooming 50 years on in Didlington

A successful nursery is celebrating five decades in the horticultural business, in the hands of the same family.

Didlington Nurseries, near Mundford, which sells a variety of plants, trees and shrubs, was established by Edwin Rickard in 1962.

Now in the hands of his son, Sean, who took over when his father retired, the business occupies a four-acre plot of land within a walled garden, believed to be the biggest in England.

“People seem to like coming here because they can wander in and wander around and wander out,” Mr Rickard said.

“There’s no pressure and we’re not on their backs trying to sell anything and if they want to by they do it on our merit.”

The business, which buys from nurseries at home and abroad, is open seven days a week, and employs two full time and one-and-a-half part-time staff.

Mr Rickard added: “My father used to grow strawberries and the like because then there was a greengrocer in every village.

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“When he did it, it was 90pc fruit and veg and now it’s almost 100pc ornamental plants. Things started to change and people looked for different stuff.

“I love what I do – I enjoy spring when things are growing and everything comes to life.

“It’s all new and it looks lovely.”