Buckingham the dog seeks new palace to call home

Two and a half year-old black and tan Lurcher Buckingham who is looking for his own palace to call home.

Kate Brewster, Dogs Trust Snetterton Supporter Relations Officer, said: “Buckingham is a real charmer and has made a big impression on the staff already. It’s apparent that he has had some training in the past as on sight of a treat he sat perfectly, we were all suitably impressed! He would certainly enjoy a home that can continue his training and provide enough physical and intellectual stimulation for him, but also has a special spot reserved for him on the sofa or in a big comfy bed where he can relax and watch the world go by.”

“True to his breed Buckingham and small furries don’t get on too well, he wants to play chase and often they’re not quite so keen, so he would prefer a furry free zone. He can be very enthusiastic on meeting new people and can demonstrate his zest for life by jumping up to try and give you a big sloppy kiss. Buckingham truly is a gentleman and is looking for a new place in which he can shine and be made to feel like a prince.”

If you think you can offer Buckingham a new home fit for a Royal call Dogs Trust Snetterton on 01953 498 377 or visit the team at North End Road, Snetterton, NR16 2LD. www.dogstrust.org.uk

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