Fly tipper takes advantage of coronavirus lock down to dump bed and mattress

Jason Ginn discovered a mattress and bed had been dumped during his walk in Thetford during the coro

Jason Ginn discovered a mattress and bed had been dumped during his walk in Thetford during the coronavirus lock down. Photo: Jason Ginn - Credit: Jason Ginn

A council says it is “incredibly sad and disappointed” after fly tippers used the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to dump waste.

Jason Ginn from Thetford said he was left “disappointed” when he discovered a bed base and mattress had been dumped while he was out walking his dogs, on Thursday, March 26, near to his home on the Cloverfield estate.

Despite the lock down, which restricts residents from leaving their homes, fly tippers have still be using the site as a “dumping ground” and Mr Ginn said this is a common occurrence.

He said: “It wasn’t there the night before when I walked my dogs, so it got dumped during the night. It looks like a single bed divan, a base, draw and mattress and a couple of black bags.

“I think they took advantage of the lock down. It’s horrendous at any time but with the strain that’s on the council and all other services it makes it even worse.”

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In another Facebook post, the council responded: “We are incredibly sad and disappointed to see this report come in.

“Our bin crews are working incredibly hard in the community and having to deal with fly tipping like this, in a time of great challenges, is simply not acceptable.

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“Our community does not want to see it. We don’t want to see it. It’s against the law. Anyone found fly tipping could be fined up to £50,000 if we decide to take it to court.

“Please do not use this precious time at home to clear the clutter. Stay safe, stay at home. What this person did today was not essential, nor was it legal.

“Help our staff focus on essential work, rather than having to deal with careless, thoughtless fly tipping.

“Let us come together as a community and share this message wide and far to get the message across. Do not fly tip.”

Breckland Council is advising residents who discover a fly tip to inform the council as quickly as possible, as this increases the chance of the council catching the culprits.

Residents can report suspected fly tipping online at or contact the council direct.

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