Baring all to buy two-year-old Maisy, from Thetford, a wheelchair

A fundraising drive to buy a little girl a special wheelchair has been given a boost by a saucy project.

Two-year-old Maisy Hutley was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder at the age of 15 months, which causes weakness and wasting of the muscles in her arms and legs.

Now, two calendars have been produced by a family friend who hopes to contribute to the �20,000 needed to buy the youngster her new equipment.

Donna Warnock, from St John’s Way, in Thetford, has created one male and one female calendar, both of which will go on sale at various points throughout the town.

“I’ve worked in care for a long time and I know her parents will have to pay a lot of money to get things for Maisy. I wanted to get the ball rolling so if she wants something they don’t have to say no,” she said.

“The calendars are discreet nudity. Some people are friends, some are family and some are friends of friends.”

The pictures were taken free by student photographer Rebecca Twelftree, and local businesses covered printing costs.

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Maisy’s parents, Craig and Hayley, who have another daughter, four-year-old Leila who is not affected by spinal muscular atrophy type two, said the chair would give Maisy a new lease of life. “She’s at the stage now where she needs to go faster and this goes right down to the floor so she’s able to interact with children her own age a bit better and gives her a bit more independence,” Mrs Hutley said.

The family recently moved from Thetford to a bungalow in Gayton and believe the chair will benefit them all.

“It also works on sand so we can go to the beach with her... It’s the closest she’ll get to standing,” said Mrs Hutley.

The calendars will be on sale for �4.95 in Thetford at the Railway Tavern on Station Road, the Green Dragon on the Market Place and the Kings Head on White Hart Street.