Ashtons Legal advice on cycling and motorbike injuries

Roger Loomes. Picture: ASHTONS LEGAL

Roger Loomes. Picture: ASHTONS LEGAL - Credit: Archant

With spring in the air and the beginning of the lighter evenings, we are seeing many more people getting out and about on their bikes and we tend to see the region’s roads getting busier with both cyclists and motorcyclists.

It is important, however, to be aware of the risks.

National statistics show that 75pc of serious or fatal cycle accidents happen in urban areas and around 75pc at or near a road junction.

Surprisingly, 80pc occur in daylight.

Many people wear high-visibility clothing at dusk but few feel the need to wear it during the day, which may well contribute to them not being very visible to motorists – hence the high percentage of daylight accidents.

If you are involved in a cycling or motorbike accident which leaves you needing medical help, you may be entitled to compensation. What you can claim for will depend on the injury and its future implications on your life, but your claim might include compensation for:

? The injury itself – depending which part of your body or mind is affected and whether it is a long-term or short-term problem.

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? Loss of earnings, including overtime – while you are recovering or if you have to change your job or can no longer work as a result of your injury.

? Replacement of damaged possessions – including your bike.

? The cost of paying someone else to do things that you normally do yourself while you are recovering – such as housework and gardening.

? The loss of enjoyment suffered as a result of not being able to the do the things you enjoy in life, such as going out on your bike!

It is important to seek specialist advice as soon as possible after the incident so the facts are fresh in your mind. This is also important to ensure you get appropriate medical assistance and interim payments to help with rehabilitation, care and daily living expenses while your claim is ongoing.

It is also important to remember that you don’t have to use your insurers’ solicitors if you would prefer to use a local firm.