Apprenticeship success for Watton teenager

A teenager who was forced to miss out on three months of school is “excited” after being accepted on a London-based apprenticeship.

Jordon Moore, 16, from Blenheim Way, Watton, achieved one of the top four marks in the country in a higher diploma in construction and the built environment.

He said: “I was pleased because I had quite a bit of time off due to a rugby injury, so I wasn’t expecting to do half as well as I did.”

The teenager, who completed the two-year course at Wayland Community High School this summer, suffered with two slipped discs from a rugby game in February this year. He had to have an operation at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Despite that set back, he has earned a place on a costruction and management apprentiship with Oakdale Construction and Maintenance.

The company, which has an office in Thompson, near Watton, carries out work in Canary Wharf, London.

During the two-year-course, Jordan will complete four days a week in the capital and one day a week at Norwich City College.

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Speaking about the apprenticeship, the teenager said: “I’m a little bit nervous but also really excited.”

On completion of the course, he will be guaranteed a job with Oakdale Construction and Maintenance and hopes to become a manager.

Michael Rose, headteacher of Wayland Community High School, added: “I’m immensely proud of what Jordan has achieved. He is an exceptional kid.”