Apple tree blossom causes surprise in Thetford

Blossom on an apple tree in late summer may mean nothing to the uninitiated, but for those in the know such an occurance is highly unusual, and, for one woman, has caused quite a stir.

Dorothy Pearce, from Thetford, woke just a few days ago to find the granny smith apple tree in her front garden was beginning to grow white blossom, something more commonly associated with spring.

While the tree still has an abundance of apples which should be ready to harvest in a few weeks, they are surrounded with the white flowers, much to the surprise of Mrs Pearce and her neighbours.

Mrs Pearce, 61, of Fir Road, Thetford, said: “I think the little thing is terribly confused – I don’t know if it will blossom next season now, or if it will start to produce apples where the blossom is.

“It’s been there about a week now and there are still buds which haven’t opened yet, but if we get rough winds I expect it will blow off.

“I was quite shocked to see it because I’ve never known anything like it before. The blossom looks like it’s growing out of the apples in some places because it is so close to the fruit.

“I shall continue to watch it to see if it produces more little baby apples and if it blossoms again. It’s a bit exciting really, waiting to see what will happen.”

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When properly cared for, a granny smith tree can grow for more than 50 years and grow to 14ft.

Most apple trees will blossom in spring with fruit which follows shortly afterwards, ready to be picked later in the year. For Mrs Pearce’s 14-year-old tree, however, seasons appear to have little meaning.

Mrs Pearce, who has three children, four grandchildren, and one great grandchild with another on the way, added: “I bought it in Woolworths, when there was one in Thetford, as a young apple tree and put it in the ground but I do keep it cut back quite a bit because it’s in the front garden and I need to keep it under control.

“It must be unusual because sometimes I leave little apples on for the birds because they might want an apple for their dinner and I’ve still had apples on there through to the next spring.

“I say to people I can’t believe it. It’s not big but it’s a tough little apple tree and it’s shocked me this year.”