Animal crematorium recommended for approval, despite objectors’ air pollution concerns

6 Barnes Close, Brandon, is the proposed site to build an animal crematorium. Photo: Google images

6 Barnes Close, Brandon, is the proposed site to build an animal crematorium. Photo: Google images - Credit: Google images

Plans for an animal crematorium are being recommended for approval, despite objectors raising concerns over air pollution and its effect on the environment.

CVS UK Ltd wants to turn a building on an industrial estate at Barnes Close, Brandon, into a chapel of rest, a cremation hall including two 10-metre tall chimneys, pet preparation space, and an external service yard.

But despite the plans being recommended for approval, subject to various conditions being met, eight nearby businesses and residents, four environmental organisations and two members of the public have objected, claiming it is not a suitable location.

Among those to object to planners was Mick Newman, from Wimbledon Avenue, who wrote: "I feel that this is not an activity for an industrial estate.

"My concern is about clinical waste being disposed of and the impact on our health due to exposure to these items being burnt or seeping out into our air."

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Johanna Jones, co-ordinator at Breckland Flora Group, also wrote to object, saying: "The pollutants coming from the cemetery once it is operational will damage plants and rare habitats in the immediate locality and wider area with carbon enrichment, pollutants and nutrients."

The proposed site, which was previously used for manufacturing and storage, is on an industrial estate and objectors say that this is not what their workers want to see in their day-to-day lives.

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However, Brandon Town Council said the developers have met the environmental conditions.

Victor Lukaniuk, chairman of the town council's planning committee, said: "We authorised these plans at town council level last year on condition that they address environmental issues and air pollution.

"If experts say it's fine then we can't argue with the assessments they have made. So I can't see there being any environment issues.

"It is an industrial estate and it's not a residential area.

"What that decision is I don't know, but in my personal opinion I don't see any reason to refuse the application."

The application is due to be considered at Suffolk County Council's development and regulation committee meeting on Wednesday, September 18, at Endeavour House in Ipswich.

CVS UK Ltd, which is based in Diss, was contacted for comment.

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