Over 60pc still prefer cash over card

Close up of hand of woman taking out pounds from her purse

60% of readers still prefer using cash to card. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

As many as 62pc of people say they prefer cash over card, with a further 25pc saying they still use notes and coins occasionally.

In a poll by this newspaper, just 14pc said they no longer used cash, however 69pc said they believed it would die out at some point.

Of those who thought cash's days were numbered, half felt it would disappear in the near future, while the rest said it would be a long while before we went fully contactless.

The main reasons for preferring cash were age, with older people saying it was what they were used to, the fact it was easier to manage, as spenders can see what they have, and because they struggled to use cards and were uncomfortable with online banking.

Those who preferred card did so to avoid contact and the associated Covid risks, they also felt it was simply more convenient.

Despite a preference for cash most people said they still found card more convenient with 61pc saying it was easier than cash.