This month, astronomers will enjoy the return of the Buck Moon and say a fond farewell to the Virgo constellation.

But what else should people look out for in the skies above Norfolk in July 2024?

The Moon

  • New Moon: July 5
  • First Quarter: July 13
  • Full Moon: July 21
  • Third Quarter: July 28

July's full moon is named the Buck Moon.

Historic tribes gave it this title because July usually marks the point of the year when male deer's antlers reach their peak size before shedding.

The Planets 

This month's moon will take a journey to visit several planets in the sky, making them easier to locate.

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On July 24, it will sit close to Saturn and by July 30, Uranus will be nearby.

Mars and Jupiter will just to the west - close to the party but not quite at its heart.

The Stars

July is the final time astronomers can see the full Virgo constellation in 2024.

Virgo is the second-largest constellation and will duck behind the horizon after July.

Its top half will be visible until October.

Delta Aquariid meteor shower

Delta Aquariid meteor shower will take place between July 12 and August 23, peaking on the night of July 30 into 31.