A PE teacher who has built a picture-perfect catering firm is making changes to her business to deal with an influx of unexpected bookings.

Sophie May Rutherford, 26, launched Oh My Graze in 2022 and has since taken her beautifully designed graze tables and snack share boxes to a variety of events across Norfolk and Suffolk.

A graze table is essentially a giant charcuterie board for a group to tuck into.

Thetford & Brandon Times: She has catered for all kinds of occasionsShe has catered for all kinds of occasions (Image: Sophie May Rutherford)

"When I first started making them there weren't that many around but the demand has definitely grown," Miss Rutherford said. 

"I think catering has shifted away from a traditional silver plate style - some people have asked me if I would do some silver plate serving for them but I've always turned them down because it's not really me."

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Miss Rutherford, from Kenninghall, currently offers a sample menu for her clients to choose a theme from.

Her most popular options are the brunch box, the bridal brunch box, cheese selections and themed snack boxes for Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Thetford & Brandon Times: She finds the creativity and human interaction rewardingShe finds the creativity and human interaction rewarding (Image: Sophie May Rutherford)

But an influx of enquiries for some more serious occasions has prompted her to rethink the structure of her business.

"Something I didn't expect - and something I have struggled with a little - is the requests for catering at sadder events such as wakes," she said.

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"I now have a 'build your own graze' idea in the pipeline. It would allow people to work with me to create a totally bespoke product that really suits their event and feels particularly personal to them."

She added her parents have been "a godsend" by helping her juggle Oh My Graze with her teaching job - but said it has felt more like a hobby than a chore to do the extra work in the evenings and on weekends.

Thetford & Brandon Times: Her new 'build your own graze' system will help broaden the reach of her bookingsHer new 'build your own graze' system will help broaden the reach of her bookings (Image: Sophie May Rutherford)

"I've always been a huge foodie and a bit of an overfeeder," she added.

"Whenever I have people round, I love to make them food and they often leave with bags because there's so much left.

"But doing this professionally just allows so much creativity and you get to have so many good interactions with people.

"I absolutely love when people are happy with the result - it feels magical when it all comes together."