A man was arrested and a car was seized in a bank holiday crime crackdown.

Police stopped one car in Canterbury Way in Thetford and arrested a man on suspicion of possession with intent to supply Nitrous Oxide.

He was taken to Bury St Edmunds Police Station and was bailed as the investigation continues.

A separate driver was pulled over when the driver was spotted using their phone.

Thetford & Brandon Times: The seized Nitrous Oxide found in the carThe seized Nitrous Oxide found in the car (Image: Breckland Police)

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Officers then found the car to be uninsured causing the car to be seized and the driver being reported.

A Breckland Police spokesman said: "There were lots of patrols of the estates in Thetford over the weekend for our local officers.

"You’ve told us you are concerned about anti-social behaviour in the area and we know that when the weather’s as lovely as it was it can lead to more reports of ASB."