The A11 will face a further weekend of closures next month for essential work to take place on the central reservation.

National Highways has discovered areas along the Wymondham bypass that need "hardening", which is when soil is paved over to reduce the risk of potential "loss of control" incidents. 

To complete this work, the northbound carriageway of the A11 between Attleborough and the Thickthorn roundabout will be closed for a full weekend. 

The closure will be in effect from 8pm on February 9 to 6am on February 12.

There will also be a full closure of the southbound carriageway from 8pm on February 9 to 6am on February 10.

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A single-lane southbound closure will then take place from 8am on February 10 to 5pm on February 11.

Finally, there will be another full southbound carriageway closure from 8pm on February 11 to 6am on February 12.

During this time, traffic wishing to travel northbound on the A11 will be diverted along the A1066 at Thetford before heading northbound on the A140 and then westbound on the A47.  

Southbound traffic will be diverted along the same roads but in reverse.