A family was left terrified after being threatened in their own home by a drunken intruder who forgot he had sold the property months earlier. 

Having recently moved into the house in Thetford the family with two young children were confronted by the man who let himself in after dark.

Norwich Magistrates’ Court was told they had heard footsteps creeping in the hallway before the stranger confronted them in the living room. 

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Prosecutor Lesla Small said their 14-year-old daughter had been so scared she had barricaded herself into her bedroom while a younger son was left cowering downstairs as the man ranted.

As they tried to get him to leave he turned violent and threatened “I’ll smash your face in”.

In a statement read out in court, one of the parents said: “It was scary. I was confused about who he was and terrified that he would turn violent. 

“We have been left fearful that he will return.”

In another statement the teenage daughter said she had heard shouting and swearing and was so fearful she had hidden in her room and was too scared to come out.  

Thetford & Brandon Times: Roger Neal was sentenced at Norwich Magistrates' CourtRoger Neal was sentenced at Norwich Magistrates' Court (Image: Newsquest)

Roger Neal, 58, of Earl Warren in Croxton, pleaded guilty to assault, criminal damage and assaulting a police officer when he was arrested following the incident on October 28. 

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Michael Cole, mitigating, said: “He believed in his drunken state that the house he had sold in August was still his mother’s. 

“He recalls shouting and swearing but nothing else. He is horrified to find himself in court in these circumstances. He is disgusted with himself.”

Magistrates told him he had caused a “very unpleasant and terrifying experience for this family”.

He was fined £650 and ordered to pay £530 compensation to the family and £50 to the police officer he assaulted.