A town cafe will close this weekend after years of difficulties faced by the owner. 

Contrast, a Portuguese cafe based in Watton, will close its doors on Sunday after nearly four years in the community. 

Cesaltina Cruz first opened the business in 2020 and has been faced with a number of challenges including the Covid lockdowns of the same year. 

She later suffered serious injuries after a car accident in 2022 leaving her with a broken sternum. 

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Six weeks later, Ms Cruz was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. 

Thetford & Brandon Times: Ms Cruz is still undergoing treatment for breast cancerMs Cruz is still undergoing treatment for breast cancer (Image: Cesaltina Cruz)She said: "The cafe had to close for a long time because of my illness and my daughter took over to help me this year. 

"Life is difficult and I've had a rough time."

Ms Cruz expressed her frustration after visitors flocked to the cafe following her announcement of its closure.

She added: "People complain when shops close down but they don't visit until it's too late. 

"If I'd had more support maybe I could have hired more staff until I felt better."

The shop is set to reopen in the coming weeks under new management but will no longer be a Portuguese cafe.