A bid to convert a derelict building into a holiday home has been backed by councillors despite official's calls to block the plans.

The developer's plans for the ramshackle former pavilion building in the rural village of Gasthorpe, near Thetford, were previously refused in January on the grounds it could impact the countryside.

It was recommended to be blocked again by planners but Breckland councillors disagreed with this view, arguing it would give a new lease of life to the dilapidated property.

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Thetford & Brandon Times: Breckland Council members overturned planners calls to refuse the plansBreckland Council members overturned planners calls to refuse the plans (Image: Ian Burt)

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Situated on land in the Lodge Farm Estate, the applicant hopes to build a single holiday let with only one bedroom.

Officials argued the lack of public transport serving the site meant the application contradicted the Breckland local plan and it was also feared it could harm the surrounding environment.

Locals also objected, worrying it may lead to increased traffic and noise.

But chairman of the council, Peter Wilkinson, said as it is an existing building being converted it would likely have little impact on the countryside.

The development was granted approval after eight members agreed to the plans while only one refused.