With GCSE results day upon us, perhaps you remember your exams like they were yesterday?

We have gathered seven GCSE foundation questions from multiple subjects to test your knowledge.

How many can you get right?

1. Biology

Which substance is used as an antibiotic?

A. Aspirin

B. Digitalis

C. Penicillin

2. Maths

What is equal to x + x + x – x + x?

A. x

B. 2x

C. 3x

D. 4x

3. Geography

Which one of the following events is not an example of a natural hazard?

A. Tsunami

B. Earthquake

C. Volcanic eruption

D. Oil spill

4. Maths

Work out (–8) × 5

A. 32

B. 40

C. -40

D. 0

5. Physical Education

Which one of these is the correct pathway of the blood in the cardiac cycle as it returns to the heart from the vena cava?

A. Left atrium – right atrium – right ventricle – left ventricle

B. Left ventricle – left atrium – right ventricle – right atrium

C. Right atrium – right ventricle – left atrium – left ventricle

D. Right ventricle – right atrium – left ventricle – left atrium

6. Physics

When there were three lamps in the circuit the ammeter reading kept changing between 0.35 A and 0.36 A.

What type of error would this lead to?

A. Random error

B. Systematic error

C. Zero error

7. Chemistry

What is the name of the elements in Group 0 of the periodic table?

A. Alkali metals

B. Halogens

C. Noble gases

D. Transition metals


1. Penicillin

2. 3x

3. Oil spill

4. -40

5. C – right atrium – right ventricle – left atrium – left ventricle

6. Random error

7. Noble gases