A new recycling centre has been approved by council officials despite objection from the Environment Agency and "grave concerns" from locals.

Suffolk-based SunSkips plans to create a facility to recycle building materials in Burrell Way, an industrial estate on the edge of Thetford.

Breckland Council has given its approval for the site, with Norfolk County Council to make the final decision, despite fierce objections over noise, pollution and fears of increased traffic in the area.

Thetford & Brandon Times: The site plan in Burrell Way, ThetfordThe site plan in Burrell Way, Thetford (Image: SunSkips/Google Maps)

The Environment Agency objected to the plans and has recommended they are refused due to fears pollution from the site could affect a 'principal aquifer' - an important source of water. 

Locals have said they have "grave concerns" the dust and debris it will generate could cause harm and nuisance to locals and also nearby wildlife in Thetford Forest.

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Another said the plans will "exacerbate pollution" and would, in all aspects, "severely affect quality of life."

Others worried the increased number of HGVs travelling to and fro would cause traffic chaos due to long waits as vehicles go through the weighbridge to enter the site.

Thetford & Brandon Times: Cllr Terry Jermy voiced his concerns over increased traffic at the siteCllr Terry Jermy voiced his concerns over increased traffic at the site (Image: Terry Jermy)

These concerns were echoed by county councillor for Thetford West Terry Jermy, who said they should be approved with the condition that HGVs could only travel on the dual carriageway and not through Thetford town centre and London Road to limit the impact to those living nearby.

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Thetford & Brandon Times: The recycling facility site is next to Thetford Forest, a protected areaThe recycling facility site is next to Thetford Forest, a protected area (Image: Newsquest)

The proposed facility is surrounded by residential homes and behind it is the vast Thetford Forest, which is a protected area due to the abundance of wildlife that live there.

Breckland Council has recommended for it to be approved without any objections, saying the change of use "would not be at odds" with the current use and character of the site or surrounding area.

SunSkips have said the facility will help reduce the need for "virgin" aggregate building materials and help to "conserve the county’s depleting natural resources".

Environmental protection officers have said they were "satisfied" the firm's dust and noise management plans were unlikely to impact locals.

Norfolk County Council will soon make the final decision on the plans.