More than 75 schools and academies in Norfolk are closed or partially shut today as teachers go on strike as part of a long-running pay dispute.

National Education Union (NEU) members will walk out of schools and sixth-form colleges across England.

The "majority of schools" are expected to either restrict access to pupils or fully close as a result of the strikes, the NEU has said.

Many secondary schools in England are expected to prioritise years 11 and 13 during the strikes as GCSE and A-level exams are weeks away.

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The NEU has issued guidance which says it will support arrangements during the strikes that "provide the minimum level of teaching staff needed" so GCSE and A-level students can attend school for revision activities or exam practice.

A Department for Education spokesperson said: "Any strike action is hugely damaging.

"We have made a fair and reasonable pay offer to teachers recognising their hard work and commitment.

"Thanks to the further £2bn we are investing in our schools, next year, school funding will be at its highest level in history."

Here is a full list of today's closures announced in Norfolk so far:


Alderman Peel High School (NR23 1RB) - Year 11 in school only. Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 receiving remote learning.

Ashleigh Primary And Nursery School (NR18 0HL) - The school and nursery are fully closed.

Attleborough Academy (NR17 2AJ) - Partially closed today due to the strike action. Open to Year 11 and Year 13 students only and 'vulnerable' students by prior arrangement

Avenue Junior School (NR2 3HP) - The school will only be providing some non-curriculum provision for more vulnerable pupils. 


Bluebell Primary School (NR4 7DS) - School will be closed to all but nursery, year 2, year 6 and specifically identified pupils, following a risk assessment of the number of staff we have in school.

Browick Road Primary And Nursery School (NR18 0QW) - School fully closed due to industrial action.

Bure Valley School (NR11 6JZ) - School only partially open for vulnerable pupils.


Catfield CE VC Primary School (NR29 5DA) - Partially closed as risk assessments have identified that it would not be safe to open to all pupils. The school will be open to vulnerable pupils, pre-school pupils and pupils in Y5/6.

Catton Grove Primary School (NR3 3TP) - The school will only be partially open for uninvited vulnerable children and Caterpillars (2-year-olds).

Cawston Church of England Primary Academy (NR10 4AY) - Open for year 6 only.

Cecil Gowing Infant School (NR7 8NZ) - Closed to all pupils.

Chapel Green School (NR17 1RF) - Closed for most pupils, still open for specific pupils (letter has gone home to those pupils). Lack of staffing has made it unsafe to open the school to all pupils. The middle school's residential is going ahead and all pupils attending should come to school as normal.

City of Norwich School (NR4 6PP) - Open to Y11 and other identified students only. Y13 are to complete pre-set remote learning and online learning is available for all other year groups via g4s.

Colkirk Church of England Primary Academy (NR21 7NW) - Partially closed, see Class Dojo for further details.

Cringleford CE VA Primary School (NR4 7JR) - Only open to Y1,4 and 6 and children who have been invited in (Free School Meals and some SEND).


Dereham Neatherd High School (NR20 3AX) - Partial closure. Remains open to Year 11 GCSE PE pupils and to pupils in vulnerable groups who have received a specific invite to attend. School is closed to all other pupils and they should work from home today. Remote learning tasks have been set online. 

Diss CE Junior Academy (IP22 4NT) - School partially closed due to strike action. Provision on site for Year 6, key worker and vulnerable children - contact the school if you need a place.

Diss Infant Academy And Nursery (IP22 4PU) - School partially closed due to strike action. Provision on site for Nursery, Year 2, key worker and vulnerable children - contact the school if you need a place.

Docking Church of England Primary Academy and Nursery (PE31 8LH) - Partial closure due to strike action. Year 1 and 2 pupils will not attend. All other year groups to attend as normal.

Downham Market Academy (PE38 9LL) - Closed to all students in Years 7-10 due to industrial strike action. Years 11, 12 and 13 should all attend as normal

Drayton Community Infant School (NR8 6EP) - Full school closure due to industrial strike action.

Duke of Lancaster School (NR21 9DQ) - Open to pupils of parents who have communicated they require a place and pupils in years 6 and 10.


Eaton Hall Specialist Academy (NR4 7BU) - Partial closure due to industrial action. Open to residential pupils only.

Eaton Primary School (NR4 6HU) - Partial closure. Open for some pupil groups as communicated to parents. The school office remains open.


Fakenham Academy (NR21 9QT) - School partially closed. Open to selected year 11 and 12 pupils. The school will be closed for the other year groups.

Fakenham Infant & Nursery School (NR21 8HN) - Nursery and reception closed due to the impacts of industrial action. Y1 and Y2 open as normal.

Fakenham Junior School (NR21 8BN) - Y3, Y4 and Y6 are closed due to the impacts of industrial action. Y6 is open as normal.

Falcon Junior School (NR7 8NT) - Fully closed due to industrial action by NEU members.

Frettenham Primary School (NR12 7LL) - Closed to all classes. Pupils identified as vulnerable have been invited to attend. 


Great Dunham Primary School (PE32 2LQ) - Closed to all children due to industrial action.


Hall School (NR6 7AD) - Only open to vulnerable students due to industrial action.

Harford Manor School (NR2 2LN) - Unable to safely open classes to pupils with the exception of Red, White, Orange and Purple.

Harleston Sancroft Academy (IP20 9DD) - Open to the following year groups only: Dove Hub Provision, Y2, Y4, Y6, Y10 and Y11. Children in all other year groups work at home.

Hobart High School (NR14 6JU) - Partially closed. Open to year 11 and other pupils who require a place (see letter), but closed to years 7, 8, 9 and 10. Please see the letter for details of remote learning.


Jane Austen College (NR3 1DD) - Partial closure (restricting attendance)

King Edward VII Academy (PE30 2QB) - Partially closed. Open to year 11, 12 and 13 students only. On-site provision will be offered to vulnerable children and critical workers. All other years will work online at home. Children who are FSM will be able to collect a lunch from the year 7 entrance at midday.


Kinsale Infant School (NR6 5SG) - Due to strike action school is partially closed to all Reception and Year 1. All Year 2 children attend as normal.


Lionwood Infant & Nursery School (NR1 4AN) - School is closed due to strike action for pupils in reception, year 1 and 2. Nursery remains open.

Lionwood Junior School (NR1 4HT) - Closed due to strike action.

Litcham School (PE32 2NS) - Partial closure - Primary phase is open, secondary is closed to all apart from year 11 and those invited in.

Little Snoring Community Primary Academy (NR21 0JN) - Due to today's strike action the school is partially closed. Please see Class Dojo for further details.

Lodge Lane Infant School (NR6 7HL) - partial closure due to industrial action - details in email to parents/carers

Lynn Grove Academy (NR31 8AP) - School is open as normal to Year 8, Year 11 and vulnerable pupils. Remote learning for all other year groups.


Magdalen Gates Primary School (NR3 1NG) - The school is open for a limited number of children. Year 6 children & Nursery children are all expected to be in school. Learning activities are available on the school website.

Martham Academy And Nursery (NR29 4PR) - School closed due to industrial action by NEU. Provision will be open for Year 6, Nursery and vulnerable children.

Mile Cross Community Primary School (NR3 2QU) - School closed to all children due to teachers' strike action.

Moorlands Church Of England Primary Academy (NR31 9PA) - Due to industrial action the school will only be open for identified children and those children of critical workers. All these parents should have been contacted but if you have any queries please contact the school office on 01493 780007.

Mousehold Infant And Nursery School (NR3 4RS) - Due to strike action


Necton VA Primary School (PE37 8HT) - Closed to all children.

Nelson Academy (PE38 9PF) - Partial closure of the school due to strike action - Closed to all classes except Anning, Darwin, Fleming and Packham. Free school meal lunches can be ordered via the main school office 01366 383824 or

Nightingale Infant & Nursery School (NR8 6LA) - Partial closure due to industrial strike action. Classes open: Nuthatch (Nursery) Raven All other classes will be closed.

Norwich Road Academy (IP24 2HT) - Grasshoppers and Kestrels classes are closed due to industrial action. The remainder of the school is open as usual.


Old Buckenham High School (NR17 1RL) - Due to the NEU strike, the school will only be open to year 11 students and invited vulnerable students.

Old Catton CE Junior School (NR6 7DS) - Due to Strike Action, school will be open for identified children only on Tuesday 2nd May 2023.

Open Academy (NR7 9DL) - Partially closed due to industrial action. Open to Y10, Y11 and sixth form students plus vulnerable students by prior arrangement. Y7,8 and 9 should remain at home and complete online learning.

Ormiston Venture Academy (NR31 7JJ) - Partial closure - unfortunately due to the National Strike action we will be open for Year 11 students only. Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 will have remote learning available.


Preston CE VC Primary School (NR15 1NU) - Partial Closure due to NEU Strike. School is open to Dragonfly Class only.

Recreation Road Infant School (NR2 3PA) - Due to NEU industrial action, the school will only be providing some non-curriculum provision for Year 2s, more vulnerable pupils and children of critical workers. Please see school communications for further information.


Robert Kett Primary School (NR18 0LS) - School only open to 'invited children' only


Saxlingham Nethergate CE VC Primary School (NR15 1TD) - Partial Closure due to NEU Strike. School is open to Hedgehog Class and Owl Class only.

Sidestrand Hall School (NR27 0NH) - Due to the NEU Industrial Action, school is closed to all pupils except boarders and those who have requested a place.

Smithdon High School (PE36 5HY) - Partial closure. Open to Year 11 only.

Sprowston Infant School (NR7 8EW) - Shine class is closed due to strike

St. Mary And St. Peter Catholic Primary School (NR31 6QY) - On Tuesday 2nd May, we are closed to Year R, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 5. The other classes remain open.

St. Mary's Church Of England Junior Academy (NR15 2UY) - Due to Industrial Action school is closed.

St. Mary's Community Primary School (NR20 4BW) - Partial closure due to teacher industrial action. EYFS, Y1, Y2, Y4 and Y5 are closed to all pupils. Y3 and Y6 are open to pupils.

St. Michael's CE VA Junior School (NR5 9LA) - Due to industrial strike action St Michaels is closed to Years 3, 4 and 5. Open to Year 6 only.

St. Peter's C Of E Primary Academy (NR9 5AD) - Open for agreed Key Worker children only.


Taverham High School (NR8 6HP) - Taverham High School is partially closed due to industrial actions. The school remains open to Yr11 students and those who get a free school meal. The study centre is open for Yr13.

Taverham VC CE Junior School (NR8 6SX) - All Year 4 and two Year 5 classes closed due to industrial action as communicated to parents. Year 3 and Year 6 fully open as normal.

Terrington St. Clement Community School (PE34 4LZ) - Due to NEU Strike Action, the school will be closed to years 3, 4 & 5. A FSM lunch will be available for collection for any eligible pupil that is affected. Pupils in other year groups are expected to attend as usual.

The Parkside School (NR2 3JA) - Partial closure

Thorpe St. Andrew School And Sixth Form (NR7 0XS) - Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form is open to Years 11, 12, 13 and vulnerable students ONLY.


Watton Junior School (IP25 6AL) - Years 5 and 6 closed today due to lack of staff because of teacher strikes.

West Earlham Infant & Nursery School (NR5 8HT) - 7 teachers are taking industrial action so unfortunately main school will be closed 27.4.23. Nursery will remain open

West Walton Community Primary School (PE14 7HA) - Due to strike action school is partially closed only open to vulnerable children.