A school which pupils are proud of has been given a 'good' rating by the education watchdog.

An Ofsted inspector visited Barnham Church of England Primary School, near Thetford, in December.

Her report says: "Pupils are proud of their school. They say this is because we keep going and do not stop. We celebrate as a school not as individuals."

The inspector adds pupils feel valued and their voice brings about changes at their school.

"Leaders have created an ambitious, well-considered curriculum designed to meet pupils’ needs," her report says.

"Teachers have the expertise and subject knowledge needed to teach the full range of subjects well."

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The inspector singles out pupils' behaviour in her report, which says teachers have "high expectations".

"Pupils know what is expected of them and respect and follow the routines that teachers have put in place," she continues.

"As a result, classrooms are calm places where learning can be maximised and is not disrupted."

The school, in Mill Lane, has 157 pupils and was rated 'good' in 2013 and 2017.