A primary school is celebrating its third 'good' rating in a row from the education watchdog.

Ofsted inspectors visited Edmund de Moundeford school in Feltwell in early November.

Their report described it as "a lively, happy school".

"Pupils are eager to come to school each day," it adds. "They feel safe and can approach any member of staff to share any worries, including about bullying.

"They know that the adults who care for them will resolve problems swiftly. Pupils say that staff help them do their best work."

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Headteacher, Julie Lillycrop, said that there had been lots of learning to catch up on after the covid lockdowns, so the latest rating was the most exciting yet.

She praised the very hard work of staff, pupils and governors who helped to achieve it.

Inspectors said: “There is a calm, purposeful atmosphere in classrooms and corridors.

"Pupils enjoy their learning and behave well in lessons. At social times, they play happily together.

“Pupils demonstrate respect in the way they behave. They are polite and friendly towards each other. They develop confidence by following clear guidance on how to behave."

Lessons at the school, on The Beck, are "rarely disrupted by poor behaviour" and "pupils can concentrate without interruption".

Their report says they are proud of their achievements, while a parental survey showed 94pc would recommend the school to another parent.

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The school has 148 four to 11-year-olds in seven single-age classes with an unusually large number of staff.

"Children in the reception class get off to a good start," the inspectors noted. "They are confident and settle in quickly.

"Staff help children to listen attentively. Children join in enthusiastically in a range of activities that help them to develop their spoken language."

Inspectors found pupils enjoy learning the "ambitious" curriculum, while children leave the early years as "confident learners".

They said safeguarding arrangements were "effective" at the school, adding: "Leaders prioritise pupils’ well-being and actively encourage them to talk about any concerns or worries they may have."