Is there space in your home for a new four-legged friend? If so, these large pooches have a whole lot of love to give.

Here are six dogs at Dogs Trust rehoming centre in Snetterton who are desperately waiting for their new owners to take them home.

1. Lily, Belgian shepherd

Sex: Female

Age: Two

A Dogs Trust spokesperson said: "Lily has not had the best start in her young life and is now finding kennel life a little difficult.

"At only two years old she has already had two litters of puppies and two different homes (through no fault of her own).

"But now she is keen to find her forever home where she can get all the attention and exercise she could wish for and deserves.

"Lily has not been socialised properly with other dogs, which is something we have been working on here at the centre.

"Our training and behaviour team will provide all the guidance to any potential adopters, with a view of continuing this in the home.

"She would like a quiet home environment with no visitors while she unwinds from kennel life, but could be introduced to a few regular visitors once she has found her paws.

"Lily is a fun girl who is affectionate with people she knows. She enjoys getting a fuss during downtime after she has had her fill of exercise or training."

2. Derby, German shepherd

Sex: Male

Age: Two

"Handsome boy Derby is a two-year-old German Shepherd who loves hanging out with his favourite people and playing with his toys.

"It will take a few meets to get to know Derby, but once you're in his inner circle, you'll get to see the lovable boy that we all know.

"Derby will need someone patient who is happy to follow the guidance from our training and behaviour team to give him the best possible start in a new home.

"Derby would like his new family to have had some experience with owning dogs, and ideally German Shepherds.

"He would like to be the only pet in the home and his ideal location would be a quiet area where he won't see many dogs as he finds this frustrating.

"Derby is currently on medication for a medical condition which could be ongoing.

"Potential adopters should be aware that there will be a cost involved with this."

3. Rocky, Belgian shepherd

Sex: Male

Age: Two to five years old

"Rocky is typical of his breed mix - very energetic and super smart.

"He will need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to keep him happy.

"Rocky hasn't had the best start in life which has knocked his confidence around people, so it usually takes at least a couple of meets before he feels comfortable.

"With people he knows he is a very affectionate boy who likes to follow you around to see what you're up to and then will get as close to you as possible for a fuss.

"Rocky absolutely loves playing with his toys and would happily play fetch all day long.

"He is such a lovely boy who in the right home will be an amazing companion.

"Rocky is looking for an adult-only home in a rural environment where he can go for lovely walks in low dog-populated areas."

4. Cheyenne, Dogue De Bordeaux

Sex: Female

Age: Four years old

"Cheyenne is a lovely four-year-old girl with a very sweet nature.

"She can be a little unsure when she first meets someone new, but it only takes a quick hello for her to make friends and then she'll soon be following you around.

"Cheyenne is not too keen on seeing other dogs out and about so would like to go on quiet walks.

"She could benefit from further socialisation around other dogs once settled.

"Cheyenne already knows sit, down, paw and high five so she's a smart girl who could easily learn more.

"Everyone here at Snetterton absolutely loves her and we're sure she'll make a fantastic companion for someone."

5. Charlie H, Siberian husky

Sex: Male

Age: Eight-years plus

"Charlie is a stunning eight-year-old Siberian Husky who is keen to get his paws into a new home.

"He is after a new home where the youngest people in the house are 14 years or older.

"Charlie has been known to be a bit of an escape artist so will require a fully secure garden with a minimum of 6ft fencing.

"Charlie can be a little avoidant of too much handling initially but once you've spent a bit of time with him, he does enjoy a gentle fuss.

"He would love someone who can take him on interesting walks out and about and who could teach him a trick or two."

6. Hugh, crossbreed

Sex: Male

Age: Eight years plus

"Meet the ever-so-handsome Hugh.

"He is one of the sponsor dogs here at Snetterton and is an absolute favourite amongst the staff.

"Hugh is looking for an adult-only home that has had previous experience with rescue dogs and is willing to meet him multiple times to get to know him.

"Hugh has lived in kennels for most of his life so he will need experienced people who are happy to take things slow and follow the advice of our behaviour team.

"He can be a bit selective with his friends, both dogs and people, so his future family would need to be prepared to make lots of visits to our centre to really get to know him before he goes home.

"Once he knows you, he loves to be around you and will start to seek you out for a gentle fuss.

"Personal boundaries are very important to Hugh, so adopters must be able to read his body language and understand when he wants some time to himself."