A Conservative Party video about Liz Truss’s background has been criticised by a local councillor, because of Norfolk’s apparent absence from it.

Terry Jermy, a Labour councillor in Thetford, said it was “very disappointing” that the prime minister's South West Norfolk constituency did not seem to feature in the clip.

The Tory video opens with the prime minister saying: “I’ve lived in a lot of different parts of the country, so I really feel like I understand Britain.”

The first shot is of Greenwich, where Ms Truss has a townhouse and was a councillor in the late 2000s.

Glasgow is also shown, to represent her childhood in Paisley.

But south west Norfolk, where she keeps a home, does not seem to appear.

Mr Jermy said: “It is very disappointing that Liz Truss did not use this opportunity to promote the area that she is supposed to represent.

“South west Norfolk has so much to offer with our fantastic local scenery, farming community, manufacturing and much more that could have featured.

“Residents want confidence that their elected officials understand the challenges that they face.

“This video is further evidence that our MP, and indeed our prime minister, is sadly lacking in this understanding.”