In loving memory
Ideas to ensure a loved one's memory lives on
As well as visiting their grave or crematorium plot, there are various unique ways family and friends can remember someone who has passed away. Whether you are looking for a physical object or would like to remember them through an action or event, consider these ideas with which to pay tribute.

Donate to charity

If your loved one had a charity of choice, or if you have sought the support of a particular charity since their death, you may wish to donate a sum of money in their name. Both national and local charities accept donations, and most offer an online service to do so - making the process as straightforward as possible for everyone who wants to donate.

Organising or taking part in coffee mornings or other charity events will also serve to celebrate the life of your friend or family member, while supporting a worthy cause.

Plant a tree

You could plant a tree, flower or bush in your own garden as a memorial you can visit every day, or you could plant a tree for a wider cause. The National Trust continues to invite people to donate towards its 'Plant A Tree' fund and support its aim of planting and establishing 20 million trees by 2030.

Donate £5 or more and you'll also receive a digital certificate by email. If your loved one enjoyed nature or felt strongly about doing their bit for the planet, this could be the perfect way to continue their legacy. For further information, visit

Have something made from their clothing

Based on the notion of being able to hold someone you've lost close to your heart, there are many companies that can create memory cushions, teddy bears, and patchwork blankets out of a loved one's clothing. Alternatively, if you are confident with a sewing machine, you can get creative yourself - or if you're not, you can ask someone to do it for you.

Outdoor memorials

Positioned at their place of rest or at their favourite spot to visit, memorials are a lovely way for family and friends to go somewhere and reflect while feeling that their loved one is close by. Memorial plaques can be mounted on benches, stones or wooden posts and usually feature the name and a heartfelt message.

Depending on where you wish to house your memorial, you should always seek permission and discuss costs with your relevant local council, churchyard or crematorium manager, or private landowner.

Organise an annual event

Annual events are a great way to reflect in a celebratory way. Gather your loved one's nearest and dearest for a walk in a significant place or a meal in a local pub or restaurant and share your favourite stories and memories of them. Not only will this bring comfort to you and your friends and relatives, but it's the chance to get together, make memories and lift spirits.

Use their ashes for a memorial piece

From jewellery to ornaments, a memorial piece created using the ashes is a beautiful idea to honour them. Whether you wear the piece or have it displayed in your home, you can keep your loved one close by every day.

Light a candle

To celebrate your loved one's memory, consider having a personalised remembrance candle made. You could have it engraved with a favourite quote, poem or song lyrics, and even include a scent that they may have liked. Some remembrance candles can include a sentimental verse as another personalisation option.