Plans to build 97 more homes on the Swan's Nest site in Swaffham have been approved by Breckland Council's Planning Committee.

The proposals are the third phase of the Swan's Nest development, to the east of Brandon Road, and were submitted by Abel Homes.

The plans were approved unanimously.

The developers had previously been required to provide an off-site education contribution, however are now no longer required to do so.

The £256,168 which had been committed to education will now be re-assigned to off-site affordable housing contribution instead, with the development itself also set to include 26 affordable homes.

Some concerns had been raised by local residents about the plans to build the new housing, including a lack of infrastructure in Swaffham, removal of public open space, surface water drainage issues and a lack of children's play in the development.

There had also been issues raised by the Lead Local Flood Authority regarding flood risk, however the plans have now been amended to provide additional flood water storage due to the re-siting of two affordable housing units and the removal of one market housing unit.

The development will also include a £35,489 contribution to NHS primary care provision, a £1,630 contribution to Norfolk Fire and Rescue for fire hydrants and £7,350 to Norfolk County Council for libraries.

Swaffham Town Council said in the planning report that it was 'largely satisfied with the explanation given in relation to the re-location of the open space, the distance from existing properties, the design and density issues.'

Abel Homes can now commence with the plans.

Proposals to build up to 60 new homes elsewhere in Swaffham have also been submitted to Breckland Council.

The development, which would also include 138 spaces for cars to park, would be built on land at Princes Street and have been submitted by agent Woods Hardwick Planning Ltd on behalf of Haut Ltd.

Swaffham Town Council has already expressed opposition to the proposals due to the site being a designated green space, the proposed development being outside the settlement boundary, as well as concerns about access and air pollution.